Bolsover Signing the Town

IMGP0819b837 Blue plaque893a
New Bolsover boundary sign Blue Plaque

New signs have been springing up on approach roads into Bolsover as a result of LEADER funding.

‘Bolsover, Signing the Town’ is a project aimed at encouraging visitors to Bolsover Castle to visit the town and offering to them and local people alike a visible statement of the historical, sociological and architectural importance of the town.

The ‘signing’ statement will be demonstrated in a number of ways, creating a visible and audio record of the town’s development from its earliest days as a Saxon and Medieval settlement to its proud history as a coal mining town and as an attractive place to live and work.

Seven ‘Welcome to Bolsover’ signs, built in local magnesian limestone with cast signs at each of the approach roads to the town, create a positive first impression, ’shaping first cultural impressions for tourists, igniting community pride and interest and attracting visitors into the town; acting in effect as economic gateways’.

A ‘Blue Plaque’ style scheme, whereby plaques showing the historical and architectural importance to the town, are mounted on the following buildings:

  • 42- 46 Market Place
  • 15-19 Cotton Street
  • Town Hall, Cotton Street (Old Bolsover Town Council owned)
  • 49 High Street
  • Former Congregational Chapel, High Street
  • St. Mary’s House
  • Creswell’s Joinery Shop, Station Road
  • Assembly Hall, Hill Top (Old Bolsover Town Council owned)
  • Cavendish Hotel, Market Place