Holestone Moor Barn Holiday Cottages

Wind turbine up 14 aUG 09d6adHolestone BarnHolestone Moor Barns Holiday Cottages are luxurious conversions from two 200 year old stone farm buildings standing adjacent to the owners' own house, Holestone Moor Farm

The funding was for the erection of a proven 15kW wind turbine on a 15m tower on land forming part of the property. The blades are 4.5m long giving a diameter of 9m. The turbine is grid connected meaning that the property draws energy from the turbine in preference to the grid but in times of no or insufficient wind, energy is drawn from the grid. Conversely when not all or part of the energy produced from the turbine is needed, it is exported to the grid for which Feed In Tariffs (FIT's) are paid. This has enabled the business to stay open during the winter months, increasing the number of overnight stays and reducing energy costs and carbon emissions.


Grant amount: £20,035

Telephone: 01246 591263

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Website: http://www.hmbarns.co.uk/