A local farming business has been successful in obtaining a LEADER grant to support the costs of modernising their family run concern that has been trading for over 70 years.  

The business has invested in a robotic milker, this removes limits on the amount of times a cow is milked in one day, reducing the risk of mastitis and reducing any stress caused by other cows scrambling to enter the parlour. Due to reduced milking times, this will enable the business to grow the herd, increase milk production and generate growth.  The time savings made by this new technology will allow the herdsman to focus their time on the welfare of the herd.

Other supported purchases were a robotic scraper,  (to deal with the additional slurry produced by the increased frequency of cows entering the milk parlour), cow brushes and a trailing shoe (for more efficient ground slurry distribution).

cow brush croppedtrailing shoe robotic scraper 1