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Swim 121 is a local swimming scool offering swimming tuition to adults and children of all ages and ability including those with additional needs.

LEADER funding helped to fund the improvements to the parking area for visitors to the pool and recently converted residential accomodation, upgrade the boiler and install a new air and water system, provide new UV filters, pool cover and insulation/finishes in the pool area.

The upgrades are expected to have a positive impact on energy consumption at the school. 



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  Comment from the beneficiary’s website:

‘Swim 121 have completed a £75,000 improvement plan, thanks to the generous support of a £22,000 European leader rural development grant. The project has improved parking facilities at the pool, with an extended car park to the front of the property. The pool itself received a facelift improving the look and insulation within the building. A new air conditioning and heating system has also reduced the energy footprint. Poolside mirrors have provided a new and effective teaching aid allowing pupils to scrutinise their own strokes. The changes have meant that the pool can now attract residential pupils, and an updated web presence has helped to encourage this. The premises are now attracting tourists to the area with a regular flow of guest taking advantage of the residential facilities.’


  Please click here for more details:  http://www.residentialswim121.co.uk/