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Drop In Support Sessions 2018

Wednesday 11th April,  Mill Lane, Wingerworth                    - between 10am - 2pm
Monday 14th May,  The Arc, Clowne                                  - between  1pm -5pm
Wednesday 20th June, Mill Lane, Wingerworth                     - between 10am – 2pm
Wednesday 18th July, The Arc, Clowne                               - between  9:30am -1:30pm - cancelled
Wednesday 15th August, Mill Lane, Wingerworth                  - between 10am - 2pm
Wednesday 12th September, The Arc, Clowne                      - between  11am - 3pm
Wednesday 24th October, Mill Lane, Wingerworth                 - between 10am – 2pm
Monday 12th November, The Arc, Clowne                            - between  9:30am -1:30pm

We hope that these sessions will be of benefit to you and welcome your attendance.  Please advise of the dates/times you are thinking of coming to help us co-ordinate our availability.

Even if you are comfortable with the application process and just need some space/quiet time away from your normal day-to-day routine,  you are still welcome to attend but again,  please let us know if possible when.  

Upon arrival,  advise reception you are here for the LEADER drop in session and someone will come and meet you.

As always,  if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note - Approach the Mill Lane offices from the Derby Road entrance to Mill Lane, some Sat Navs will direct you through Grassmoor and the office cannot be accessed from here.