The Bolsover North East Derbyshire LEADER area is situated in north eastern Derbyshire. Key influences on the area are the Peak District to the west, Sheffield City region to the north, Sherwood Forest to the east, Nottingham and Derby to the south, and the M1 Corridor.  The area combines market towns with a range of villages, some of the chocolate box variety, others with an industrial heritage. 

The area was greatly affected in the 1980s and 90s by the closure of the coal mines and the rundown of manufacturing industry.  The legacy is still apparent today with brownfield sites in need of reclamation, low skill levels, low level of enterprise, pockets of deprivation, and housing in need of renovation.  However, there is a real opportunity in the early part of the 21st century to develop a new future for the area building on: 

  • the extensive natural and built resources, and the attractive landscape as a basis to encourage new tourism business growth

  • the growing links with the city conurbations to attract custom and create greater urban/rural linkages in terms of the economy and cultural development

  • links with the Peak District and Sherwood Forest to encourage the dispersal of tourism activities from these areas

LEADER Local Action Group (LAG)

A new partnership has been established to deliver a LEADER approach for the area.  It brings together a wide range of interests including land-based; business; tourism; heritage and local authorities.

The LEADER approach seeks, through close and positive partnership working, to support rural communities throughout the area and to respond to some of the many development challenges that are still facing them.

The key objectives of the LEADER Local Action Group are: 

  • to raise the profile of the area as being an attractive area for residents, businesses and visitors

  • to develop enterprises based on the area’s environmental and heritage resources and opportunities

  • to nurture enterprise and raise the skill level of residents

  • to raise the aspirations of residents, particularly in the most disadvantaged communities

Further details about the Bolsover and North East Derbyshire LEADER Programme can be found in the Local Development Strategy which can be downloaded below.